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With impactBee you get more time and money to focus on your mission

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ImpactBee creates a new, hassle-free income stream through affiliate commissions, effortlessly earning your charity funds when your supporters shop online

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impactBee nurtures a sense of community and interconnectedness, transforming online retail into a force for positive change and enriching lives

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With impactBee, the end customers can support various “close to home and hearts” causes, elevating loyalty and support for local charities

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impactBee offers unrivaled metrics in both lead conversion rates and fundraising multipliers

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impactBee is where hard data and societal impact intersect


"impactBee has been a fantastic discovery for our association. A fantastic and innovative way to raise funds... great professionalism and assistance from their team." - translated from the original review in Italian

Zampine Felici Onlus

"Sometimes people are so lazy that they don't even want to make an effort for a good cause. Unfortunately, sometimes they don't have the means to help. But with impactBee, you can donate to our organization and others without any effort and without spending an extra euro compared to your daily purchases. Thank you!" - translated from the original review in Italian

Daniela Gironda, Il Gatto Nero ODV RC

"We discovered impactBee through a webinar organized by CESVOL. We started raising funds on their platform thanks to the purchases made by our supporters and their friends on Amazon and other stores. With the money coming from impactBee, we contribute to providing meals for the children at the Mbingu orphanage in Tanzania." - translated from the original review in Italian

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