Fundraising made easy…

What could your nonprofit do with an extra $100, $500, $1000+ a month?

Could you buy more medicines, support a local school or sports team, or provide a safe space for animals?

If you said, “yes,” you’re in the right place

Does your nonprofit
want to raise more money?

Does the idea of hosting an auction or other traditional fundraiser make you feel like curling up in a corner and hoping money will magically rain on your head?

Are you overwhelmed by the range
of fundraising options?

Better yet, imagine doing it without asking your community for donations!

That’s what’s possible if you become a impactBee Nonprofit Partner and start your online Fundraiser.

No matter the mission of your nonprofit, you need money to fulfill it. One way to increase your donations is to make it easy to give.

Top nonprofits trends highlight the importance of convenience, mobile giving, and appealing to a younger audience. Younger donors may not have deep pockets, but they tend to want to help others.

Why Fundraise with impactBee?

Appeals to a younger demographic

Mobile-friendly and convenient

No cost to you or your donors

Your donors only make a tiny change in their online shopping habits, and your nonprofit enjoys a steady stream of donations for years to come.

The power of our Fundraising made easy Program

It lets you collect money based on the things your donors already do online.

  • When your donor buys a birthday gift for a friend
  • When your donor orders a new pair of sneakers
  • When your donor orders household goods

Imagine your donors go online to their favorite shops, buy the things they often buy at normal prices, and your organization receives around 5% of the purchase total. There’s no cost to them or you.

Now, you may have seen other programs that also offer a percentage of the profits to nonprofits. However, impactBee uses advanced technology to give a higher average percentage than those other companies. Currently, with impactBee your nonprofit receives up to 8% of the purchase price.


Here’s How it Works:


Register your non-profit


Set up your nonprofit
page (only takes about
10 minutes)


Your web page is a shopping gateway and your nonprofit receives a percentage of the purchase.

Who’s it for?

This fundraising option works best for nonprofits with an engaged community. Or at least an email list and social media presence. The reason why is it’s up to you to let your community know of the opportunity. All they have to do is click on your exclusive fundraiser page and shop.
They can shop with any of our partner stores or through Amazon. As long as they start on your gateway page, your organization will receive a percentage of the sale.

Ready to start?

Sign up here to join fundraising made easy and start enjoying more donations right away!